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Do you also want to know all the hardware details of your PC? Well, you can have every tiniest detail of any hardware present on your device. However, this is possible with the revolutionary software called CPU-Z. This software is specially designed to know every detail of your computer in a single Windows.  From the model name and number to the lithography, memory frequency, technology, and bus width, everything is accessible in a few clicks through this program. Thus, you must have this program on your PC to know your system better so that you will be able to use your system to its full potential.

What is CPU-Z?


It is a freeware program to troubleshoot all the system’s problems and show all the needed information about the system in a single window. It provides you with information about your system, such as internal and external clocks, partial overclock detection, processor packages, clock multiplier, etc. Various things can easily be known to you about your system. In simple words, if you want to use your system to its full potential and want to get the most out of your system, then this program is everything you need. Furthermore, it is free to use and comes without any limitations or restrictions. 

Features of CPU-Z

We have already made CPU Z a bit clear to you in the above section, but understanding its feature will take you to the downloading page. There’s no doubt about its exceptional features. If you use third-party software to have a better gaming experience, such as Gacha neon or KRNL, then you won’t need them anymore. Thus, without wasting much time, let’s know more about it through its features.

  • Easy Navigation System: Due to its easy interface, you can simply get into it and use it for your purposes. A non-techy can easily get into it and extract the needed information without much battling with the interface. It has three different tabs for different information.
  • Comparing Feature: It comes with a comparison feature through which you can make comparisons between various devices. The program comes with a special ID feature so that you can make a proper comparison between the two systems. 
  • Detailed information: It provides you with detailed information about your system. This information includes every bit about your device, whether it’s the model name or the number of your hardware. Through this detailing, you can get the best out of your system as you can simply get a higher version for your system. You can also enjoy higher FPS in Roblox.
  • Lightweight Software: This software is quite lightweight and doesn’t give any burnt to your CPU. Thus, you can simply download it. It won’t ask you for much space and RAM on your device.
  • Open Source and Free: This software is free and available for every windows and android device without much hassle. You can simply download it from its official website or from this website. It is an open-source software that can be downloaded without any cost.

Step By Step CPU-Z Download

The CPU-Z Download process is very easy. After reading the above features, if you have made up your mind about CPU-Z Download, then this section is specifically for you. You just need to press the below-mentioned Download button and let the download complete. Wait a few minutes and then get into the installation steps.  

How To Install CPU-Z For PC?

If you are done with the download, then you must go to launch it. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is — if you get a prompt after download that it is unable to open, this is because you have a lower resolution on your PC. Hence, you are required to increase the resolution to open the software. So without further ado, let’s dive into the installation process of CPUZ for Windows.

  • Launch the downloaded program on your PC.
  • You will see a welcome screen of it that you are required to skip as well.
  • Now, you will see a license agreement. Read it and click agree to continue with the installation.
  • Click the setup type screen to continue.
  • Select the additional task screen to get in further.
  • Here, a prompt will come up asking you whether you want to have a desktop shortcut or not. And continue to get in more.
  • Click on the install option and see if any prompt comes up.
  • Allow if any come up and continue with the installation.

CPU-Z User Manual


The CPUZ for Windows comes with a very easy-to-navigate user interface so that the user can use the program with full efficiency and ease. However, you don‘t need to do much hassle for using it as we have summarized every bit of using it in this section. This software comes with mainly three sections. That will tell you every piece of information about your system. You can simply check what information you need about your system and rectify it on time for a better experience in daily tasks. 

  • First Tab: In this tab, you will be getting each and every piece of information about storage and memory. You will learn about your motherboard, RAM, process, and cache memory. This way, you can get a better understanding of how much brunt your system can take.
  • Second Tab: This tab comes with another slot of important information. Usually, this tab consists of all the bus-type information. You can get information regarding AGP or PCI and other connected devices. Along with this, voltage is also a necessary part that one should take care of, especially at times of undervolting.
  • Third Tab: This tab consists of TXT files that will keep track of all your software. You can get every detail about your Windows. This way, you can maintain all your hardware and software configuration on point.

CPU-Z— Best Utility Around?

cpu z download steps

There is no doubt that the CPU Z is the best program available in the market to obtain system information. It is free and is available as an open source for Windows and Android. It is better than other alternatives such as HWMonitor as it will tell you the problem of your device and also will help you in some cases to rectify them. You can simply get this troubleshooting program on your PC, as it is easy to download and secure.  Thus, we would advise you to have this on your PC and troubleshoot all the hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is CPU-Z?

It is a program used for keeping an eye on systems’ configurations. You can get the information related to your system in just a few clicks. You can simply know at what speed your CPU fan is running, how much memory is left, and whatnot. All this will definitely help you to use your system to its full potential.

Q2. Is CPU-Z safe?

Yes, CPU Z is 100% safe and secure in every sense. You can use this in your system without fearing any viruses and malware. This program is developed by CPUID, a French company. However, it doesn’t allow you to make changes in the frequencies, which makes it safer as it won’t interfere with any other function of your system.

Q3. Is the information provided by CPU Z reliable?

Yes, the information provided by CPU Z is 100% reliable. You can cross-check with the model number of your motherboard to see if it matches or not. However, due to its higher reliability, it has become one of the most famous programs for monitoring system needs.

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