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Best 140mm Case Fans for CPUs 2022

For your heated video games, you need efficient and fast working case fans. Case fans are installed to keep the other components of your device cool. As gamers, you must pay a lot of attention to the well-being and proper functioning of your device. Case fans help the gamers in this by keeping the temperature low within the system. In general, the best 140 mm case fans are widely adopted by gamers. 

Certain features to keep in mind while looking for the best 140mm case fans are listed as

  • Airflow
  • Fan speed
  • Number of fans

These features in a particular case define its performance and efficiency in a system. 

Top Four 140mm Fans and Their Specifications

Following are a few best 140mm case fans available in the market as per the choice of gamers around the globe

1. Arctic P14 PWM- 140mm Case Fan


One of the highest-selling and appreciated case fans available in the market in the category of best 140 mm case fans is the Arctic P14 PWM. This case fan is found to be worth its price by the gamers. This case fan is popular for its silent motor and elite design. Also, since this case fan is connected to a PWM connector, it provides a variable speed. The usual speed offered by this case fan ranges from 200-1700 RPM at a given time. It varies with the heat generation within the device. 


  • Efficient for providing cooling
  • Makes minimal noise while working


  • Airflow not possible
  • Lower speed while working

2. Corsair AF140 LED low noise cooling fan


Corsair is popular amongst gamers for its efficient and highly advanced computer components. Fortunately, it also offers great fans which keep your system cool. In case you require a pack of fans, this fan is what you need. Both the fans will have blue LED lighting to offer you great aesthetics. When it comes to the performance of the fan, it offers a 1400 RPM Speed. 

One thing that most people are off about the fan is that they may produce more noise than the other ones. Moreover, it comes up with a 2-year warranty which you usually get in all the great brands.


  • Different fans available
  • Cooling performance is acceptable


  • Noise can be a bit more
  • A costlier option

3. Cooler Master SickleFlow Square Frame Fan

Well, If you are looking for all the premium features in a fan, this is the one you need to go for. Not only features, but it also offers a great cooling performance to the user. The best thing we found about this fan is that it enables you to modify the color of the fan according to your preference. You can also control it using a PWM controller. With the help of that, you will be able to change the speed of the fan up to 1400 RPM.

Other than this, this is a complete all-rounder fan as it offers you decent air pressure. It also offers you a 2-year warranty which is usually expected with good fans.


  • You can modify the colors according to your need
  • PWM connector will help you control the settings


  • It is quite expensive
  • Because of the square frame, it will be easier to install

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4. Noctua NF-A14 Fan

Out of all the brands available in the market for Fans, Noctua is a premium brand. It offers the best, most reliable, and high-end case fans to the users. Not only reliable, but the fans are also great at performance. So, if you are looking for a high-end option, this is the one that you need to go for. Moreover, it is one of the silent fans present on this list. 

There is also a PWM connector available to control the premium speed. When it comes to speed, it offers you 1500 commendable RPM speed. In this fan, you will not get the option for RGB lighting but you will still get replaceable colored colors so that you can customize it according to your need. So you can consider it as one of the best 140 mm case fans across the market. Now let’s look at Its Pros and Cons.


  • Performance is great
  • Very less noise


  • A Premium option
  • Power usage can be more

Winding Up

Before you choose to buy the best 140mm case fans for your PC, you will have to keep in mind the features that it has to offer to you. Here, after considering all these features, we have reviewed our top picks. Hope we helped you.

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