Aceu Apex Settings, Keybinds, and PC Build [2022]

Aceu Apex Legend Settings

Brandon aka Aceu is one of the known players in Apex Legends. If you are an Apex legends fan, you must know him. Having a great background in CS: Go and other FPS shooter games, Aceu mastered apex as well. He started playing Apex as soon as it was launched in 2019. Aceu then joined NRG in 2019 and since then he has performed consistently in the competitions he has been a part of. Not only has he performed consistently but he has also managed to get a huge fanbase on his Twitch channel. He gets almost 5000 views on his streams. In this article, We will look at the Aceu Apex Settings at scale.

Most people look for a way to play like him. If you are one of them, choose to configure your game settings as Aceu Apex Legend settings. Indeed this will not only help, you need to practice like him as well but you still have to start from somewhere. Configuring your settings as Aceu Apex settings can help you start better. So, without any delay, let’s begin with this process. 

Aceu Career Trivia

Aceu is a young 25 years old professional player who was born and brought up in a small town. His father used to play video games while he used to watch him, Aceu also got intimidated by the same. He then started playing with him and then he also started to train against him. While he was growing up, he developed a keen interest in FPS games and used to play Counterstrike and COD. Before he switched to streaming, he used to play a lot of professional tournaments and performed quite well in the same.

Aceu Apex Legend Settings: Mouse Settings

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 for Aceu Apex Legend Settings

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Like many pro players, Aceu has decided to keep all the settings default and has not changed much. But when it comes to the polling rate, he kept it at 1000hz. This helps him react much faster and eliminates latency issues. 

Mouse InvertOff
Polling rate1000
Mouse sensitivity4.2
ADS multiplier1.0
Mouse accelerationOff

Aceu Apex Settings: Video Settings

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 

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Now, the next on the list is video settings. Though Aceu uses a high-end PC, he makes sure to keep his video settings minimal. He keeps the FPS highest so that he can use his system optimally. Keeping all his Apex settings minimal, the frame rates are not compromised in the overcrowded area. Check out all the Aceu apex Video settings below. 

Aspect ratio16:9
Adaptive Resolution FPS target0
Anti AliasingNone
Texture FilteringBilinear
Color Blind ModeOff
V SyncDisabled
Display ModeFull Screen
Field of View110
resolution1920 x1080
Texture streaming budgetNone
Ambient occlusion QualityDisable
Model DetailLow
Impact marksDisable
Sun Shadow coverageLow
Volumetric lightingDisable
Spot shadow detailLow
Sun shadow detailDisable

Aceu Apex Legend Settings: Keybinds

Ducky One TKL RGB Keyboard for Aceu Apex Legend

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For keybinds as well, Aceu has prioritized keeping it at default only. To aim, he chooses to use the right-click on the mouse. All these settings give him a better hold of transitions. This makes it easy for him to react faster when there is a close fight. 

JumpSpace bar
Crouch HoldLeft CTRL
Fire ModeB
AimMouse right-click
Shield toggleH
SprintLeft Shift
Tactical AbilityQ
Ultimate AbilityZ
Interact or pickupE
Use GrenadeG
InventoryTab Key
Health Item4
Use weapon 11
Use Weapon 22
Ping Middle Mouse
Holster weapon3

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Aceu Apex Gaming Setup

Before ending the article, here is a list of Aceu gaming setups. He uses a high-end PC for gaming and makes sure to use compatible peripherals which may also help him play smoothly and faster in the game. Check out his gaming setup as well. 

KeyboardDucky One TKL RGB White on White
MouseFinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town
MonitorBenQ Zowie XL2540 K
EarphonesApple Earpods
Mouse PadLogitech G640
MemoryCorsair vengeance LPX 32GB
CPUIntel Core i9 9900K

Winding Up

Aceu is one of the popular names in the Apex Legends community. With his huge fanbase, he manages to get a lot of views on his live streams as well. In the article, we have tried providing all the settings list, gaming setup, and more regarding Aceu. Hope this article helped you.

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