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Five Best White Motherboards to buy in 2022

When it comes to motherboards, enthusiasts often seek performance or aesthetics. If you’re looking to buy a motherboard that looks appealing and performs like a champ, then purchasing a white motherboard is a wise decision. White color has a certain elegant appeal that makes your PC build attractive. 

Finding a white-colored motherboard is a lengthy process that requires knowledge and experience. To help you, we’ve collected and reviewed some motherboards that perform well, feature white details, and provide durability. So, let’s begin.

Shopping tips for the best White Motherboard

If you plan to build a gaming rig by yourself, then pay attention to the following tips for avoiding unexpected problems. 

1: Verify the Form factor

You might have ordered a PC case that can be ATX, ITX, or mini-ITX. Motherboards also vary in size. Thus, before you make a purchase for the motherboard, match the form factor.

2: RAM Slots

RAMs are essential for multitasking purposes and RAM slots determine the qty of memory you can install on your board.

3: Ensure Overclocking support

Most modern games demand overclocking support for stable and increased fps. This is a crucial feature that must not be negotiated by a gamer.

4: Manufacturer warranties

Reputable manufacturers often provide warranties to their motherboards. Although the boards are durable, it’s best to opt for a warranty to ensure your peace of mind. 

Our Top Picks for Best White Motherboards

Every below-mentioned white motherboard is categorized as per customer feedback, price, features as per our testing and benchmarking.

1: Gigabyte Z490 Vision G: Top Performer


In terms of performance, the Z490 Vision G from Gigabyte is the ideal choice for you. The silver-white design has hints of violet that make it very appealing to human eyes. Furthermore, the heatsinks along with the metal shrouds are whitish and extremely efficient.

You get DDR4 RAM support capped at 5000MHz speed. Additionally, the audio codec from Realtek improves the gaming audio and allows you to detect opponents’ sounds. It also features eight USB ports that cost less than many ASUS motherboards.


  • Form: ATX
  • Storage: 2× M.2, 6× SATAII
  • Wi-Fi: No
High-PerformanceIt’s expensive
Superior audio codecNo WiFi

2: Colorful CVN Z690 Frozen V20: Best Looking


The CVN Z690 Frozen V20 is considered the best-looking white motherboard because of its outstanding design, as well as gaming-specific features. It is capable of handling DDR4 RAM that speeds up to 4800MHz.

This motherboard provides an audio codec that is 8-channel. It helps improve audio connectivity. Plus, it offers Wi-Fi 6 support and a LAN chip of 2.5Gbps. Overall, this board is perfect for those seeking a  complete whitish motherboard with PCB.


  • Form: Mini ITX
  • Storage: 6x SATA, 3x M.2
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
Stunning White designUnreliable LED lighting
Exceptional performanceNo DDR5 support

3: ASRock Z490M-ITX: Top Mini-ITX


ASRock Z490M-ITX is a white-based mini-ITX motherboard with silver accents. It looks exceptionally good and is compatible with Intel’s i5 core processors.

Apart from its Mini-ITX-based design, this motherboard includes two M.2 connectors and one powerful heatsink. It can take DDR4 RAM that goes 4400MHz speed with ease.


  • Form: Mini ITX
  • Storage: 2x M.2, 4x SATA III
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
Elegant designLacks WiFi 6
Top-notch audio codecInconsistent overclocking

4: Gigabyte B550 Vision D: Top AM4

The B550 Vision D from Gigabyte is among the best white motherboards due to its AM4 compatibility and sync capabilities with Ryzen processors. It performs great and offers two M.2 slots, four SATA III, AMD crossfire, as well as multiple storage options. 

The only drawback of this motherboard discovered while testing is the gray-colored M.2 heatsinks. Otherwise, the specifications are excellent, the VRM is powerful, and it easily pairs up with Ryzen latest processors. 


  • Form: ATX 
  • Storage: 2x M.2, 4x SATA III 
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
WiFi 6 featureQuite expensive
Faster memory accessGray-colored heatsinks

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5: ASUS Prime X570 Pro: Affordable Motherboard

The final spot for the best white motherboard is built specifically for the X570 chipset. There are a lot of white details and some RGB effects as well. Furthermore, its rear panel and the heatsink blend perfectly with its white PCB.

In terms of specs, this board delivers what it promises. The (12+2 VRM phases are good enough to handle an overclocked Ryzen 9th generation processor. Moreover, its memory support includes DDR4 RAM capped at 4400MHz speed to guarantee maximum performance.


  • Form: ATX
  • Storage: 3x M.2, 6x SATA III 
  • Wi-Fi: No
Reliable PCI-E slotA lack of premium features
Performance-driven motherboardLacks any WiFi support

Final Words

Hopefully, this review will allow you to settle on an ideal white motherboard. The above-mentioned motherboards are white-colored and tested through heavy benchmarking for their performance. Furthermore, the specifications of each motherboard are thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy.

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