Top 10 Hand Tools You Can Use At Home

The use of the right tools has the ability to make any major, or minor home-improvement job a success. Here’s a guide to the 10 hand tools that you must have at home:

Sledgehammer: A sledgehammer possesses the magical ability to combine both finesse and brute force. It can be exploited to fire a splitting wedge through or a log, and swung overhead to dispense aggressive destructiveness.

Safety Glasses: Home improvements projects can come and go, but once your vision is gone, it can never be retained. Hence, safety glasses are an utmost necessity regardless of the type of project you’re undertaking. Make sure you opt for the “high impact” glasses instead of the “basic impact” glasses for added protection for your eyes.

Bow Saw: A much-needed recipe for the success that is elusive when it comes to wood cutting, this tool’s ribbon-thin steel blade, and sturdy teeth make it a much safer option as compared to a chainsaw when it comes to removing tree limbs.

Center Punch: A center punch can be used to do much more than just starting holes in metal. It can be used to tighten a loose handle on a shovel or a knife, as well as to mark a line on wood or metal.
Hacksaw: Due to its fine-tooth blade, a hacksaw can cut through tough materials like cable and hard plastic, but also through iron and steel. It’s a given that no home improvement activity can be fully executed without utilizing this handy tool. In some cases, aided by the presence of a carbon-steel blade, it can also slice through ceramic tile.

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Jig Saw: This tool excels at cutting curves in wood, plastic or metal, due to the narrowness of its blade, and the up and down motion of its cut. Some models of jig saw also have a setting that helps move the blade in a swinging motion that aids aggressive wood cutting.

Snips: This all-purpose tool can be exploited to cut heavy cardboard, rubber, and plastic, as well as sheets of steel, copper or aluminum. It’s a tool that should have found prominence in every toolbox, considering how resourceful it can be, especially in situations when you least expect it to.
Combination Square: This tool is used to accurately measure, mark, as well as test out the squareness of corners. Its quiet versatility is the reason why it should find a home in any tool-box.

Drills: The beauty of a cordless drill is that it effectively combines power, speed, and portability, so it by extension becomes the handiest tool that should be present in your home. It always helps to have one at your house, in case a situation presents itself when you need to drill a hole on the wall.

Side Cutting Pliers: Also known as the electrician’s pliers, this tool comprising heavy jaws and shears, is indispensable when it comes to cutting electrical cable or for pulling the tape that is used to fish wires through cavities in the ceiling or walls.

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