Relive your childhood with FlipaClip animation tool

FlipaClip is an animation tool that draws its inspiration from your very own childhood companion flip book. I’m sure, all of you had this animation book which used to be a great source of enjoyment for all of us. FlipaClip is nothing but an animation handle that travels you back to your childhood days, that reminds you of your flip book which you used to carry in your school. Hold on! It seems that you are completely confused! I’m sure you must be having some sort of difficulty in recollecting about the flip book.

It is a book that contains a series of pictures which changes from one page to another. The change occurs in the position of the image. So when you are flipping through the pages of the book in a faster pace, the image appears to be in a state of motion. Interestingly, nowadays flip book is not only meant for children but for adults too. The difference lies in the fact that the drawings are replaced by photographs.


What is FlipaClip?

As already mentioned earlier, FlipaClip is an animation tool that promotes your creativity and professional skills in a different manner.  It reminds you of your old-school flip book but with a twist. Be it storyboarding, sketching, or animation FlipaClip assists you with its mind blowing tools and supportive platform that helps you out in your creative endeavor. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting characteristics of this animation app.

Features of FlipaClip:

 The presence of onion layers- This is one such characteristic which is available in almost all the animation apps. Be it the Animation Desk App or the Stickman animation tool. The onion layers show before and after frames as ghost images.

Drawing tools- The drawing tools that are available in this animation app is truly of great importance. You can choose your sketching aid which is available either in the form of an eraser or as a brush. Choose your brush by examining the thickness of it. Accordingly, you can choose the number. The colour palette that is available helps you to choose from a wide range of colours. It contains more than 100 shades of colours.

Manage your drawing frames with the help of your frame manager- The frame manager helps to manage your frames when you are using the FlipaClip tool. It helps to set your image background with the images stored on your phone . You can also take a snap of yourself and set it as  the background image.

Create animation videos- The FlipaClip animation tool not only lets you sketch your imagination but also helps to create a video out of it! So even you can call yourself to be a cartoonist or an anime maker! Create funny cartoon videos and grab the limelight for yourself.

Share your content on the social networking platforms- Create interesting cartoon contents on the FlipaClip animation tool and promote them on the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Get instant recognization among your friends and near and dear ones.

It notifies you of your mistakes- None of you are born Picasso. It’s very common for you to make mistakes while drawing. This animation tool helps you out by sending you notifications of your mistakes.

Frames viewer- You can readily share your frames with others with the help of frames viewer.

Keyboard arrow support- This happens to be a new feature that has been added here. With the help of the keyboard arrow support, you can move the transformable object.

Get the FlipaClip app installed on your smartphones:

I can pretty make out that after going through the above-mentioned features, you are just dying to get the application installed on your smartphones. Of course! The features are so pretty good that you will be almost compelled to download the anime tool. Well, now the million dollar question that arises is that how to get the app downloaded on your phone. No need to frown! Be it an Android or an iOS set, you can easily get the app installed from the respective play stores. Firstly, I will discuss the steps to download for Android devices.

FlipaClip for Android:


It’s pretty a lucky thing that the updated version of this application is readily available on the Google Play Store. So you just need to visit the Google Play Store which is pre-installed on your phone. Type the name of the app, i.e. FlipaClip on the search bar. Instantly you will be introduced to the application. Tap on the icon. You will get to see a green colour button which asks you to install. Tap on it. Soon it will start its download process. After completing its download process, you will be notified with the message that the application has been installed on your phone. You will be provided with a short-cut icon of the drawing app on your home screen.

FlipaClip for iOS:

Good news for Apple users for this anime application has made its availability on the iTunes app store. Visit the official page of iTunes and look for the FlipaClip app on the search bar. Once you get in touch with it, tap on the blue-coloured Download button. Don’t worry. Downloading this application won’t burn your pocket as it’s completely free. Well, if you are in need of other features, then you have to go for some paid features. Getting this particular application on your smartphones is no rocket science, thus proved!

FlipaClip needs a bit improvement:

There lies no doubt about the popularity of this anime tool, thanks to its awesome features. However, there lie certain flaws which require quick correction. I’m quite sure that on correcting these hiccups will help in making the application more appealing and popular among others. I have used this application personally and found out that there are certain areas which require improvement.

The inclusion of music- While creating the video of my cartoon, I found out that there was no provision to add music. A music-less cartoon wouldn’t get much praise. So according to me if the app developers can manage to stream music from the YouTube, then it would be perfect.

A zoom-in plugin- Provision of a zoom-in plugin can improve the approach of this app to a great extent. The zoom-in plugin can be used to switch or rotate the image to any direction thus giving it a flexible approach.

The inclusion of text-  Well, it’s my earnest request to include a separate text tool, because it’s really very annoying to draw texts on the images.

The Bottom Line:

The size of this anime application varies with the device you are using. However, it would be really good if you can use an Android device of 4.0.3 version and above.