Guide to Fix MacBook Battery Not Charging

When we choose to buy a laptop over a desktop, there is only one major reason which dominates the decision making. Of course the portability of the laptop. But, what if your MacBook battery or any other laptop battery doesn’t hold a charge. I know, it’s the most annoying part.

Thinking about the factor that you can’t unplug the charger, and carry your MacBook to some other place. While its on and some work is going on in the background. That is, of course, suppressing the major factor of a MacBook.

Yes, there are some solutions that will make your MacBook battery back into life. But before going to fix the issue find out the problem that caused your MacBook not charging.

Reason or Cause of the Problem: 

There are some possible reasons that you should check at first if your MacBook battery is not charging.

  • If there is a broken connection.
  • System settings are incorrect.
  • Check for the hardware problem.
  • The battery is in critical condition or Overheating.

Now, since you know the reason behind the problem. Let’s get to the solution part.

Fix Macbook Battery not Charging

If your MacBook is not charging or unable to hold the charge. Then try out these solutions and fix the battery problem. If it turns out to be the battery problem and you live in Dubai then you should buy laptop battery online in Dubai. It will not cost you much. It’s always better to replace the old one with a new one. If You can Buy Laptop Battery online in Dubai here


Before going to the direct technical solution you should check the basic components first. Here are the things you should look for.

  • The first thing you should check when your MacBook is not accepting the charge. Check the power cable closely. Look for any damaged part or breaking part. If there is any then this is creating the problem.
  • Secondly, check the port of the plugins. See if there is any dust or any object that blocking the connection. If you found any. Then use something to clean the port and try reconnecting the cable.
  • The last thing to check for is the wall socket you are using. Check the socket if there is proper electricity supply. There might be any fault in the socket that causing the issue.

Reboot your Macbook

Sometimes the hardware that controls the charging part of a system can stick. In that case to make it reactive. You need to reboot your MacBook. A simple restart will fix the hardware and fix the issue automatically.

Check the Settings

When your MacBook is constantly losing charge, there might be a setting causing the drainage of the power. Open the system preference and choose energy saver. Check that the sleep mood and deep sleep mood option are not turn on. If they are on and showing the green light. Then turn them off. It can fix the issue.

Check the battery health

If you always use your MacBook intensely then there might be a chance that the battery will exhaust super fast. In that case, you need to monitor the battery health frequently. Otherwise, you will be left with unchargeable non -working MacBook.  

  • To check the health. Press and hold the “Alt” key and click on the battery icon.
  • The advanced menu will show you the result like Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, Service Battery.
  • Act accordingly as the system says. You can use other available software to monitor battery health.

Reset SMC

If you are using a new MacBook with a non-removable battery then follow these steps to reset SMC.

  • First, you need to shut down MacBook properly.
  • After shutting down connect the MagSafe power adapter and press Control + Shift + Option and the power button for about four to five second. Then release all the four button together.
  • Then start the MacBook by pressing the power button.

To Conclude

These are the simple solution for regaining the battery life. I hope it will work well on your system. If they don’t. Then you need to change the battery with a new one.

If you want to add something then comment down below. We will be glad to hear back from you.   

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