5 Must Use Tools In Garden

Gardening is a very good hobby and every gardener has his own favourite tools when he is at work. But some important tools that can make gardening experience hassle-free and comfortable are as follows:

  1. Trowel: There are a number of hand cultivators available in many styles and designs. A garden trowel has a pointed end and is used mostly for container gardening. It is used for breaking the soil and digging. It is a one piece construction with a comfortable handle as a lot of force is used during the process. A trowel is a multitasking tool, as a lot of tasks can be performed by this tool for digging out weeds to making spaces for new plants. This is a basic gardening tool which should be at the top of the tool list.

  1. Shovel: It is a very good tool for gardening. It has a wide sharp edge which is good for digging through the turf. It helps in lifting and moving heavy gravel and dirt, as it shapes scoops them completely and its handle provides strength to the gardener. There are different shapes available in a shovel, some are round shaped and some are flat shaped. Both the shapes have different functions. It also helps in planting plants. There is a very little difference between the shovel and the turning fork. Turning fork are flat edged that is why they are a good tool for digging whereas shovel serves both the purpose, it is good for digging and it is good for lifting and moving hard and heavy material.
  2. Hand rake: It is a three-pronged tool that looks like shiny claws. It is useful in turning and loosening of soil. Most of the times it is found either in stainless steel or in aluminium as it resists rust. This is the most traditional kind of tool used in gardening. It makes the surface levelled when placed upside down and helps the plants to sit in the position.
  3. Shears: It is like counter-intuitive. But when the plant grows, it grows in all directions, so to streamline it and to make them look more beautiful, for removing dead stems or flowers, shears are used. It is available in different sizes. Small shears are used in cutting small parts/ dead parts of the plants or are used to give fine shape to the plant and big pair is used to cut heavy duty job, branches, etc.
  4. Gloves: As gardening is a circle surrounded by thorns or hard bushy stems, blisters and even chemicals are used sometimes. So in order to protect oneself one should wear gloves while doing gardening. This is a necessity which one ignores and doesn’t pay much attention. Therefore, it is mandated to wear.


All the tools have their unique functions and are very different from one another, but all these tools are very hand friendly and comfortable for the gardener. It makes gardening easy and fun-filled.

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  1. The tools shared are really very important tools for the gardening purpose. A gardener can not do anything without these tools. I like the article because it shares the most important tools for gardening along with their features.
    Thanks for sharing this important article.

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