Animation Desk App brings out the animator in you

Animation Desk

Before I start off with my discussion on this enormously creative app which is Animation Desk, I would like to start from the very grass-root level. I’m sure that not all of them possess a clear idea about the concept of animation. So whenever we hear the term animation, it reminds us of all those cartoon shows and animes. Let’s get to know what animation actually is.

Animation desk

What is animation?

The concept of animation draws back to the times of the Palaeolithic Age. It was during this time that the concept of animation was first conceived. History has it that the palaeolithic paintings attempted to capture the phenomenon of motion. Now the question arises how did the painters attempt to do so? They showcased multiple legs in superimposed positions. This clearly showed the concept of motion. Speaking about the age-old example of animation, there was an earthen goblet which is 5200 years old in the Burnt City of Southeastern Iran. Interestingly, the goblet showcases multiple images of a Persian Desert Ibex which is jumping and striving to eat the leaves of a tree.  Probably, this painting is considered as the world’s first example of animation.

What is Animation Desk app?

Introduced on the Android and iOS platforms, the Animation Desk app gives way to an user-friendly and a splendid drawing environment which allows everyone to create their own animated works. It’s really easy to use this app. You just need to possess an inclination towards drawing and painting and that’s it. No need of any extra tool to add to it. This drawing app helps you to create images with the help of your fingers! You just need to sketch your imagination on the screen of  your smartphones and tablets.

Animation Desk

How to use the Animation Desk App?

Well, it seems that many of you are keen to use this app. That’s brilliant. Here, in this column, I would be presenting a step-by-step guide to the methods of using this application.

  • Your first step is to select a brush or an eraser.
  • In order to adjust the size of the brush or the eraser, you need to tap and slide in the upwards and downwards position.
  • Open the brush size adjustment bar by clicking on it. It would be a wise idea if you keep the brush size to 31.
  • Adjust the opacity of the brush by keeping it till 75.
  • Now, it’s time to choose the colours. You are advised to tap just once to choose your desired colours and twice to reach out to the colour palette.
  • Choose the colour of your canvas. Adjust the size of your canvas by pinching and set it correct.
  •  So the stage is set. It’s time to showcase your hidden artist to the entire world.

Animation Desk app: What makes it so appealing?

  • In order to use this application, there lies no necessity for you to be a hard-core painting professional. The app has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the amateurs. This animation app is open to anyone and everyone.
  • It’s a versatile application created on an user-friendly interface. The app boasts of not only an user-friendly interface but also of a gorgeous and realistic approach.
  • The animated images created gets a realistic look.
  • There are provisions for various types of painting tools with pressure sensitivity. Like, you can examine the pressure of the brush before fixing on it. The painting tools contain pencil, crayon, fountain pen and three types of  brushes and an eraser.
  • You can select your desired colour with the help of the colour selection pallets. The pallet contains a total of 100 colours of varied shades.
  • Adjust the size of the brush and the eraser by selecting the correct size for them.
  • Thinking of creating something interesting for your background? Well, the Animation Desk app give you the option of doing so. You can select your favourite picture that will serve the purpose of a static background.
  •  It boasts of supporting four types of frame rate which mainly ranges from 3FPS to 24 FPS.
  •  Don’t worry as your creation is in safe hands with the thumbnail mode. This particular mode manages your work by saving them in proper files.
  • The app has a wonderful frame manager. Copying, moving, deleting, and editing frames are a child’s task.

 The  Negativities:

There lie some hiccups in using this application. Well, not much but certain areas need a bit improvement. Let’s have a look:

Provision of only two frames- Although the Animation Desk app gives the provision to use four types of frames, but the free service gives access to only two frames. Making animation films with only a couple of frames proves to be too annoying. In order to avail to all the four types of frames, you need to shell out a few bucks.

Slow and unresponsive- At times the app gets slow and becomes unresponsive. The application starts drawing when you zoom in but once you complete your drawing and zoom out, you will get to see patches of colours all over your creation. Moreover, the lines appear in different colours than what it was earlier. Apart from these problems, the frames start getting backwards.

Doesn’t get exported to MP4- It’s really annoying to see that you can’t show off your work to friends and colleagues as the Animation Desk app doesn’t support AD files.

The Bottom Line: 

After penning down a detailed description of the Animation Desk app, it’s my realisation that the animation is a mixture of both positivities and negatives that give it a complete look. It’s true that it possess certain disadvantages which require quick improvement, but if you look at the other side of the coin, the positive features make it a hit in the world of animation. So, I suggest you get the app installed on your smartphones and unleash the artistic you. Create impeccably stunning business presentations and beautiful cards for your loved with the help of this app. Share your work on the social networking handles and get famous!


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