Animation Camera Animated GIF: What lies inside?

animation camera animated gif

The gen-y tends to live in a generation where the term GIF has managed to get a permanent place in their dictionary. It has become one of the most sought-after methods for them to express themselves. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that it takes adequately less time, less than watching a one-minute video. It’ pretty easy to create a GIF. Either of the two methods can be applied. You can create a mind blowing GIF with the help of a camera app or you can take the help of the Animation Camera Animated GIF. Such applications possess the ability to turn a short video clip into a GIF. You can also take the help of GIF creator tools.

What is GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIF is a format of a bitmap image. This format was introduced in the year 1987 by CompuServe and since then this format has achieved world-wide importance. This particular format has the credibility to support up to 8 bits per pixel. It also supports animations and chooses from a colour palette of about 256 colours for each and every frame. You must have observed that the social networking platform Facebook supports GIF images. History has it that the Mark Zuckerberg created social networking handle gave a full-fledged support to it on May 2015 after initially rejecting it.

animation camera animated app

Utilities of GIF:

  • It is well applicable for logos. Logos that contain limited usage of colours are something that goes down well with GIFs. Since logos possess well-defined ages and flat areas of uniform colour, GIFs are quite advantageous.
  • It is used to save low-colour sprite data for games.
  • It’s highly applicable for small animes and less resolution film clips.
  • This is mostly used to create humorous content. You can rearrange and combine small videos wisely to create something extremely weird and funny from it. It might happen that the newly created work might turn out to be exactly opposite of what it was original.

Animation Camera Animated GIF:

The Animation Camera Animated GIF is a marvellous anime tool. It allows you to create some of the splendid and wonderful GIF animation with your own picture. It may be that sometimes you select images from the gallery. Interested to know about the features of this app. Well, let’s plunge intro the features of this anime tool in detail.

Features Of Animation Camera Animated GIF:

animation camera animated gif

The user interface is quite simple- O yes! This particular anime app is characterised with a simple user interface which lets almost anyone and everyone to use this app.

Unlimited pictures to create GIF- This animation handle has an unlimited collection of images that helps you to create some of the extraordinary and innovative GIFs.

Create GIFs individually- You can either create GIFs independently with the help of the camera or with the help of gallery.

Create GIFs both with gallery and camera– This app allows you to create GIF with the help of both the gallery and the camera simultaneously.

Portrait and Landscape supported– This is one such animation tool that supports both Landscape and Portrait orientation. It means that that you can create GIF both on a portrait and on a landscape.

The presence of live preview- The presence of live preview in the Animation Camera Animated GIF tool helps you to change the speed of your created GIF.

Both front and back camera supported- It supports both front and back camera of your Android devices. However, the front camera is supported for Android smartphones which are of 2.3 version and above.

The Graphical User Interface of the app is infused with the following features:

  • It has a camera button which helps the built-in camera of the app to take pictures.
  • It has a gallery button which is used to run the gallery for picture selection.
  • In order to remove a picture that had been previously added, you need to use the -1 button.
  • In order to remove all the pictures from the main view, you need to use the X button.
  • Save your GIF creation in GIF file format with the help of the save button.
  • The speed of the animation film can be adjusted with the help of a Slide Bar.
  • In order to channelise your GIF in the correct direction, use the arrow button.
  • Make use of the double-sided arrow for loop animation.

Methods to download the Animation Camera Animated app on your Android:

The updated version of the application is available at the Google Play Store. The updated 1.05 version which is of 435k size requires Android smartphones of  2.2 and up. I’m quite sure that by now you have already downloaded this app on your smartphone. However, there are many who haven’t downloaded the application yet. In this column, I will be articulating the methods to download the app for free:

  • I hope you all have the Google Play Store app pre-installed on your phones. Tap to open the app.
  • Once the application gets opened you will be transferred to the home page of the app store.
  • Type the application’s name on the search bar. Soon you will be introduced to the app.
  • Tap the install button and get it downloaded on your phone.

Animation Camera Animated GIF has the potential for further improvement:

The timeline of the app should be improved- It is advisable for the developers of the application to upgrade the timeline so that it becomes useful for the timeline control. Moreover, it’s essential to make the application have a professional feel when a user is going through the buttons.

Difficulty in editing- Some users are of the notion that it’s pretty difficult to edit a GIF that has been already created. The application misses on the bar that has all the photos. Although it boasts of having a location where the user can draw pictures on their own, there are many who are still unknown to that place. Sometimes the app looks like as if all the control options have been smashed together. It would be a great idea if these areas are improved for the animation app to work even better.


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