FramaRoot APK download – Lucky Patcher Alternative for Custom Mods

Most of us must have though at least for once that we should root our Android smartphones. But sadly, most of us decide to lay low because of the risks that we think is involved. To be true, rooting an Android device is certainly a crucial task and can certainly damage your Android device and your data if not performed correctly that’s why we don’t recommend this method to newbies but as it allows control over your favorite apps so it worth doing however you can do the same using lucky patcher apk no root method. The older methods of rooting an Android device have certainly bricked quite a few Android devices, and that is why probably some developers have come out with applications that will do the rooting for you in a click.

Frama root is one such application that has been greatly appreciated by many users owing to the ease that it gives on rooting any Android device. The application has been tended to very carefully and is certainly one of the very best devices that are available in the market to root devices. Now the question is how Framaroot does do that? Well, as the reports suggest Frama root application has quite a few of its exploits that it uses depending on the chipset and the Android version that is being used. Framaroot apk is available on various modded google play store, but it is suggested that you download the application in its latest version such that all the features are available.

Steps to install Frama root application

Frama root application is one of the best one clicks rooting solutions that ios available for the users. The application caters to the needs of most of the devices and brings out the best. Below I have mentioned the steps that you need to follow to download and install Framaroot on your Android device.

Frama root apk

Step 1: Download the frama root application and store in on your microSD card.

Step 2: You will be required to use a third party file explorer to install the framaroot application.

Step 3: Click on Install and wait for the process to complete. Keep in mind that all operating systems have a tendency to catch hold of third party applications and shut down their installation processes if the operating system deems it to be unwanted.

Step 4(Optional): In case the operating system intentionally shuts down the application during the installation process, then restart your device and repeat the steps.

There are a few things that you need to know in case you are making up your mind to use Frama root apk. Firstly, the application does not need to be connected to a PC for the purpose of rooting your device. This it becomes extremely important to make a backup of all your data before you begin the rooting process.

To be true, frama root’s success rate is commendable thus making it one of the most sought after Android rooting application. What makes the application so special is the fact that it can also unroot your device in case you need so. In short, download Frama root apk to access everything on your device after rooting it in a few simple steps.

animation camera animated gif

Animation Camera Animated GIF: What lies inside?

The gen-y tends to live in a generation where the term GIF has managed to get a permanent place in their dictionary. It has become one of the most sought-after methods for them to express themselves. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that it takes adequately less time, less than watching a one-minute video. It’ pretty easy to create a GIF. Either of the two methods can be applied. You can create a mind blowing GIF with the help of a camera app or you can take the help of the Animation Camera Animated GIF. Such applications possess the ability to turn a short video clip into a GIF. You can also take the help of GIF creator tools.

What is GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIF is a format of a bitmap image. This format was introduced in the year 1987 by CompuServe and since then this format has achieved world-wide importance. This particular format has the credibility to support up to 8 bits per pixel. It also supports animations and chooses from a colour palette of about 256 colours for each and every frame. You must have observed that the social networking platform Facebook supports GIF images. History has it that the Mark Zuckerberg created social networking handle gave a full-fledged support to it on May 2015 after initially rejecting it.

animation camera animated app

Utilities of GIF:

  • It is well applicable for logos. Logos that contain limited usage of colours are something that goes down well with GIFs. Since logos possess well-defined ages and flat areas of uniform colour, GIFs are quite advantageous.
  • It is used to save low-colour sprite data for games.
  • It’s highly applicable for small animes and less resolution film clips.
  • This is mostly used to create humorous content. You can rearrange and combine small videos wisely to create something extremely weird and funny from it. It might happen that the newly created work might turn out to be exactly opposite of what it was original.

Animation Camera Animated GIF:

The Animation Camera Animated GIF is a marvellous anime tool. It allows you to create some of the splendid and wonderful GIF animation with your own picture. It may be that sometimes you select images from the gallery. Interested to know about the features of this app. Well, let’s plunge intro the features of this anime tool in detail.

Features Of Animation Camera Animated GIF:

animation camera animated gif

The user interface is quite simple- O yes! This particular anime app is characterised with a simple user interface which lets almost anyone and everyone to use this app.

Unlimited pictures to create GIF- This animation handle has an unlimited collection of images that helps you to create some of the extraordinary and innovative GIFs.

Create GIFs individually- You can either create GIFs independently with the help of the camera or with the help of gallery.

Create GIFs both with gallery and camera– This app allows you to create GIF with the help of both the gallery and the camera simultaneously.

Portrait and Landscape supported– This is one such animation tool that supports both Landscape and Portrait orientation. It means that that you can create GIF both on a portrait and on a landscape.

The presence of live preview- The presence of live preview in the Animation Camera Animated GIF tool helps you to change the speed of your created GIF.

Both front and back camera supported- It supports both front and back camera of your Android devices. However, the front camera is supported for Android smartphones which are of 2.3 version and above.

The Graphical User Interface of the app is infused with the following features:

  • It has a camera button which helps the built-in camera of the app to take pictures.
  • It has a gallery button which is used to run the gallery for picture selection.
  • In order to remove a picture that had been previously added, you need to use the -1 button.
  • In order to remove all the pictures from the main view, you need to use the X button.
  • Save your GIF creation in GIF file format with the help of the save button.
  • The speed of the animation film can be adjusted with the help of a Slide Bar.
  • In order to channelise your GIF in the correct direction, use the arrow button.
  • Make use of the double-sided arrow for loop animation.

Methods to download the Animation Camera Animated app on your Android:

The updated version of the application is available at the Google Play Store. The updated 1.05 version which is of 435k size requires Android smartphones of  2.2 and up. I’m quite sure that by now you have already downloaded this app on your smartphone. However, there are many who haven’t downloaded the application yet. In this column, I will be articulating the methods to download the app for free:

  • I hope you all have the Google Play Store app pre-installed on your phones. Tap to open the app.
  • Once the application gets opened you will be transferred to the home page of the app store.
  • Type the application’s name on the search bar. Soon you will be introduced to the app.
  • Tap the install button and get it downloaded on your phone.

Animation Camera Animated GIF has the potential for further improvement:

The timeline of the app should be improved- It is advisable for the developers of the application to upgrade the timeline so that it becomes useful for the timeline control. Moreover, it’s essential to make the application have a professional feel when a user is going through the buttons.

Difficulty in editing- Some users are of the notion that it’s pretty difficult to edit a GIF that has been already created. The application misses on the bar that has all the photos. Although it boasts of having a location where the user can draw pictures on their own, there are many who are still unknown to that place. Sometimes the app looks like as if all the control options have been smashed together. It would be a great idea if these areas are improved for the animation app to work even better.



Relive your childhood with FlipaClip animation tool

FlipaClip is an animation tool that draws its inspiration from your very own childhood companion flip book. I’m sure, all of you had this animation book which used to be a great source of enjoyment for all of us. FlipaClip is nothing but an animation handle that travels you back to your childhood days, that reminds you of your flip book which you used to carry in your school. Hold on! It seems that you are completely confused! I’m sure you must be having some sort of difficulty in recollecting about the flip book.

It is a book that contains a series of pictures which changes from one page to another. The change occurs in the position of the image. So when you are flipping through the pages of the book in a faster pace, the image appears to be in a state of motion. Interestingly, nowadays flip book is not only meant for children but for adults too. The difference lies in the fact that the drawings are replaced by photographs.


What is FlipaClip?

As already mentioned earlier, FlipaClip is an animation tool that promotes your creativity and professional skills in a different manner.  It reminds you of your old-school flip book but with a twist. Be it storyboarding, sketching, or animation FlipaClip assists you with its mind blowing tools and supportive platform that helps you out in your creative endeavor. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting characteristics of this animation app.

Features of FlipaClip:

 The presence of onion layers- This is one such characteristic which is available in almost all the animation apps. Be it the Animation Desk App or the Stickman animation tool. The onion layers show before and after frames as ghost images.

Drawing tools- The drawing tools that are available in this animation app is truly of great importance. You can choose your sketching aid which is available either in the form of an eraser or as a brush. Choose your brush by examining the thickness of it. Accordingly, you can choose the number. The colour palette that is available helps you to choose from a wide range of colours. It contains more than 100 shades of colours.

Manage your drawing frames with the help of your frame manager- The frame manager helps to manage your frames when you are using the FlipaClip tool. It helps to set your image background with the images stored on your phone . You can also take a snap of yourself and set it as  the background image.

Create animation videos- The FlipaClip animation tool not only lets you sketch your imagination but also helps to create a video out of it! So even you can call yourself to be a cartoonist or an anime maker! Create funny cartoon videos and grab the limelight for yourself.

Share your content on the social networking platforms- Create interesting cartoon contents on the FlipaClip animation tool and promote them on the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Get instant recognization among your friends and near and dear ones.

It notifies you of your mistakes- None of you are born Picasso. It’s very common for you to make mistakes while drawing. This animation tool helps you out by sending you notifications of your mistakes.

Frames viewer- You can readily share your frames with others with the help of frames viewer.

Keyboard arrow support- This happens to be a new feature that has been added here. With the help of the keyboard arrow support, you can move the transformable object.

Get the FlipaClip app installed on your smartphones:

I can pretty make out that after going through the above-mentioned features, you are just dying to get the application installed on your smartphones. Of course! The features are so pretty good that you will be almost compelled to download the anime tool. Well, now the million dollar question that arises is that how to get the app downloaded on your phone. No need to frown! Be it an Android or an iOS set, you can easily get the app installed from the respective play stores. Firstly, I will discuss the steps to download for Android devices.

FlipaClip for Android:


It’s pretty a lucky thing that the updated version of this application is readily available on the Google Play Store. So you just need to visit the Google Play Store which is pre-installed on your phone. Type the name of the app, i.e. FlipaClip on the search bar. Instantly you will be introduced to the application. Tap on the icon. You will get to see a green colour button which asks you to install. Tap on it. Soon it will start its download process. After completing its download process, you will be notified with the message that the application has been installed on your phone. You will be provided with a short-cut icon of the drawing app on your home screen.

FlipaClip for iOS:

Good news for Apple users for this anime application has made its availability on the iTunes app store. Visit the official page of iTunes and look for the FlipaClip app on the search bar. Once you get in touch with it, tap on the blue-coloured Download button. Don’t worry. Downloading this application won’t burn your pocket as it’s completely free. Well, if you are in need of other features, then you have to go for some paid features. Getting this particular application on your smartphones is no rocket science, thus proved!

FlipaClip needs a bit improvement:

There lies no doubt about the popularity of this anime tool, thanks to its awesome features. However, there lie certain flaws which require quick correction. I’m quite sure that on correcting these hiccups will help in making the application more appealing and popular among others. I have used this application personally and found out that there are certain areas which require improvement.

The inclusion of music- While creating the video of my cartoon, I found out that there was no provision to add music. A music-less cartoon wouldn’t get much praise. So according to me if the app developers can manage to stream music from the YouTube, then it would be perfect.

A zoom-in plugin- Provision of a zoom-in plugin can improve the approach of this app to a great extent. The zoom-in plugin can be used to switch or rotate the image to any direction thus giving it a flexible approach.

The inclusion of text-  Well, it’s my earnest request to include a separate text tool, because it’s really very annoying to draw texts on the images.

The Bottom Line:

The size of this anime application varies with the device you are using. However, it would be really good if you can use an Android device of 4.0.3 version and above.


sstickman animation maker

Stickman Animation Maker: Tool to animate your sketch

Do you visualize yourself as a comic artist creating some exciting non-fictional anime characters like Doraemon and Tom and Jerry? Do you want to see yourself placed in the position of a Creative Animation Director giving shape to a whole new cartoon flick? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then no animation application can be as good as the Stickman Animation Maker. The Stickman Animation Maker is the perfect tool that lets you sketch your imaginary character and animate it at the same time. Making funny and interesting storyboards and convincing comic scripts are something that this animation app is best suited.

sstickman animation maker

Functional areas of Stickman Animation Maker:

This is one such anime application that will help you to pass your leisure hours in a blink! If you settle down with this tool, you are bound to lose the track of your time. Its functions have the capability to captivate you for hours on end. In this section, I’ll be discussing the functional areas of this app.

  • It helps you  draw animated sketches on your smartphones and tablets during your leisure hours.
  • You can simply draw anything and make an animation film out of it.
  • The anime tool assists you in drawing wallpapers that are animated.
  • Sketch an animated stick draw image and become your child’s favorite.
  • This animation maker can also be used as a live tutorial for your children on cartoon making.
  • Other than  amateurs, this tool is applicable for professionals also. It’s one of the most sought after applications for game developers, storyboard artists, and professional animators.
  • Thinking of creating a 3D Animation Movie? Well, Stickman Animation Maker will help you out in this endeavor. You just need an Android device and your “out of the box” imagination to get it materialized.
  •  If you are a prankster then there can’t be anything better than this anime tool. It helps you to create those horrific and terror driven movies to scare the guts out of your friends! You can even cheer then up with your comic flicks and with your invented comedy character.

stickman animation maker

Characteristic features of Stickman Animation Maker:

Animate your sketch- Use your imagination to pen down your sketch on the smartphone screen. This tool will help you to infuse life into it. What you need is your passion towards drawing and the urge to bring out something innovative out of it.

Change the background- The anime tool assists you in changing the background of the image whenever you feel like. This can be done in two ways. Either you can choose from the list of background styles which are already pre-installed or you can create your own.

Edit the background- You can edit the background whenever you feel like and save the work for the future purpose. For creating a background image, you can either used any of your saved pictures or take a snap from your mobile and use it as a background image.

A separate gallery for all your saved work- It’s really a million-dollar feeling when you get to see your own work. The Stickman Animation Maker provides for a separate gallery where you can go through your own work during your leisure hours.

Get social- This animation maker tool gives you the scope of sharing your work on the social-networking platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Nothing can be as handy as these social networking sites to get famous.

Smuggle out a video to make a movie- Thinking of creating a cartoon movie. You just need to export video to do so. You can also make use of the ready-made animation sequence for the characters in your movie. It also allows you to smuggle in images from the photo album of your phone.

Download Stickman Animation Maker on your Android phones:

This anime application is really fortunate to gain a place at the Google Play Store. It’s readily available at the store for the Android users. What you need is an Android device of version 4.0.3 and above. Follow these simple steps to get the app installed:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store option in your Android phone.
  • Type the name of the anime tool in the Search bar and look for it.
  • Within a fraction of seconds, you will be introduced to the application.
  • Before tapping on the Install button make sure that your device has enough space for the app as it takes about 21MB space.
  • Start the installation process and wait for the tool to get downloaded on your phone.
  • Congratulations! The application has been successfully installed on your mobile.

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Scopes for improvement:

 Nothing on this earth can be 100% perfect. Forget human beings, not even these applications. It would be extremely wrong if I say that the app has varied negative areas. Actually, this is one of those very few apps that possess limited constraints. Well, it needs a bit of improvement on the part where you have to use your fingers to draw. There is no other aid available for you to draw. There are scopes of improvement if the app allows for a better shading and fill buttons option. It has been an unfortunate event  where after saving the image there was nothing much to discover in the animation section. Apart from these slight hiccups, the Stickman Animation Maker has received a thumbs up from many. There are many who are quite contented with the app’s service.


animation apps

The Best Animation Apps that you can bank upon

In my previous couple of articles, I had spoken about the Animation Desk App that lets you create some magnificent creations over your smartphones. This 3-year old animation application comes infused with some exciting and wonderful features that keep you glued to it for a reasonable amount of time. Well, there’s no reason to think that this is is the only animation app available in the market. If we take a careful look  we will get to meet some of the best animation apps which could successfully bring out the animator within us. These animation apps help us to create our own animated movies with great ease. Isn’t it great? The very thought of creating our own anime is so very exciting!

animation apps

As I stated earlier, it’s not only the Animation Desk App which is available to unleash your artistic front, there exists a bouquet of animation apps which can give you the best animation experience ever. It’s not possible to speak about all the available apps, but I would definitely introduce you to some of the best applications.

Best Animation Apps that one can come across:

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro-  Gone are the days when you would stay contented with your simple photographs that would be clicked on cameras. Creating pictorial effects were something that we could hardly think of. But now, times have changed. Simplicity has taken the backseat. Adding special animated effects to your snaps seems to be the order of the day. The Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro is considered as the best animation software for animating your photos. Although the software is not available for free, you can easily download the free trial version on your PC. It allows you to use from a wide variety of options that are available for morphing your images and creating anime effects.

animation apps

Cartoon Studio Pro- Available for the iPhones and iPads, the Cartoon Studio Pro helps you to create your own cartoons. The application works by creating by creating different cartoon cells that can be played back in the form of a movie. Well, the annoying part of this anime app is that it’s only available at the app store for the iPhone users. The Android users are being refrained from using this application. It can be purchased from the App Store for $1.99. It gives you the opportunity to share your creation onsocialocila-networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Animation Creator HD- This particular animation app is crafted mainly for iPads. It comes packed with a hell lot of features like full screen editing, scrub tool, paint brush, image import, line tool, rectangle to name a few. For an iPad animator, the Animation Creator HD serves as a full-fledged animation studio. Moreover, this animation tool allows to upload your creations on the YouTue and HD platforms or public viewing. So now, nothing can stop you from getting famous!

animation apps

Animate It!-  This application gains its usefulness among professional animators, storyboard artists, game developers to name a few. No added tools, just use your fingers for operation. This app has the potential of teaching the younger ones how to create cartoons and in no time they will be creating their own. It helps you to frame animation sketches and manikin on your Android devices. This animation app comes for free for all the Android users on the Google Play Store. Just press the install button and start animating. If you’re bent on playing sports and dance, trhis app proves to be benificial for you. Let’s have a look at some of the features of this anime tool:

  • Creation and editing of animation clips. Each clip contains upto 32 frames. You can play the animated clip right on spot and even after editing. The choice is yours.
  • You can select character.
  • Enabling of the previous and next frame ghost.
  • You can select your desired skin for your character.
  • The users skin can be added upto 10 png images.

Anima8or- Adding on to the list of some magnificant animation tools comes the Anima8or. The best part is that it can be downloaded for free on your Windows PC. Brimming with interesting features, this animation application allows you to create and animate your own character, draw the background and create sound. Moreover, you can release your own anime and share it on the social platforms.

Animation Express-  This anime tool is basically the free version of the other anime tool Animation Studio. It comes for free for the iPhone users. It assists you by creating animations through painting and drawing. It allows you to create background score which give your creation a professional getup. Although the application doesn’t possess much features to boast, it can be even used by those who are looking forward to kick start their animation  journey with a free version.

Sketch Box Pro- This is one such anime application tool that has its availability both on the Android and iOS platforms. It’s a drawing app whose interface draws similarity with he Abode Photoshop. Well, for all the novices, a free version titled Sketchbook Express is also available. You can try out this free version before going for the paid one.

Stickman Animation Maker- Are you interested in becoming a comic artist or a Creative Animation Director? Then this is the appropriate app for you. Available for the Android platforms, it lets you create your comic characters with proper animation. Other than this, you can also make your own storyboards and innovative comic strips. On installation of this application, your Android device will be your tool to your imagination. Stickman Animation Maker turns out to be the best help when it comes to playing pranks on your pals. You can scare them by making horrifying short films.

FotoMorph- When it comes to free animation software for the Windows OS, FotoMorph is the name that comes to our mind. It’s one of the best animation apps that has some mindblowing features to edit and enhance our creation. Basically, this app has been designed to create real time anime movies. It has got an easy-to-use interface where you can create funny characters within minutes.

Final verdict on Animation Apps:

Each of the above-described animation apps has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Each and every anime application is interesting in its own way. It would be foolish of you to frame any app the best or the worst based on its current functionaility. It’s better to use your common sense while using these apps and to deal with the problem with utmost patience. I hope that this article will help you to finalise on the base and appropriate amime tool for yourself.

animation desk app

Download Animation Desk App on your Android devices

It would be wrong to say that the Animation Desk App is a brand new animating application. The app got introduced in the year 2013. It has been almost three years and it’s doing extremely well with around 1 lakh installations. This is one such application that gives you an user-friendly and intuitive environment to bring out the artist in you. The best thing about this app is that you don’t require any extra tool. Instead , you can just use your fingers to create some of the best masterpieces. Frankly speaking, creating animated work is too tough a task. Especially, when you have to sketch the same images multiple times and also with utmost fineness.

Manual creation of animation is too time-consuming when you have to create multiple frames. So creating an animation film of one-minute duration will consume tens and thousands of hours. However, the time duration depends on your work. If you an expert, then the work might take less time. Else, it’s really a tiring job. Thanks to the creators of this innovative application that the app has been introduced at the various app stores.

animation desk app

Characteristic features of the Animation Desk App:

The Animation Desk App is infused with some of the interesting and exciting features that make it stand out in the crowd. Let’s have a look at some these features and figure out what does the app have in store for us:

Crafted both for the professionals and amateurs- It’s not that in order to use this app, you have to be a great professional. The application is created both for the first timers and professionals. The application has been created keeping in mind that it will be used by the non-professionals so that they can use it to create wonderful animation creation just with the help of fingers.

There are varied painting tools available- The application comes with varied painting tools like eraser, painting brush, fountain pen, eraser etc.

Colour pallets- There are provisions for varied colour pallets. You can choose from a wide variety of colours. There are around 100 varieties of colours available at your service.

Adjust the size of your painting brush and eraser- The painting brushes and erasers come in different sizes. It provides you with the option of choosing the correct size for your brush.

Provision of background images- The Animation Desk App provides the option for different background images for you to use . You can choose your desired images and can use it for the static background.

Onion Skinning- The onion skinning option provides an overlay of different styles of adjacent frames.

Manage the files easily- The animation app gives you the option to manage your files effectively and accordingly. The management is done basically with the help of the Thumbnail Mode.

An excellent frame manager- The app is characterised with an excellent and powerful frame manager that does the editing, moving, copying, and deleting of frames in a smooth manner.

Install the Animation Desk App on your Android:

Animation Desk APP

Enough of discussions. It’s time for some action. If you are a proud owner of Android smartphones then it would be a poor idea if you are still waiting and trying to figure out ways as to whether to download this application on your smartphone. Of course, you should! The application is readily available on the Google PlayStore for you to install. You just need to follow these easy steps:

  • You should and you must have an Android phone.
  • You must be knowing that the Google Play Store application has been pre-installed on your phone.
  • Click on the Goole Play Store.
  •  Look for the Animation Desk App by typing on the search button.
  • Soon, you will get introduced to the application. Tap on the install button. Well, make sure that you have the required space in your phone and a good internet connectivity.
  • Once you tap on the install button, it starts getting downloaded.
  •  Bravo! The application has been smoothly installed and a shortcut icon has also been added to your home screen.


Animation Desk

Animation Desk App brings out the animator in you

Before I start off with my discussion on this enormously creative app which is Animation Desk, I would like to start from the very grass-root level. I’m sure that not all of them possess a clear idea about the concept of animation. So whenever we hear the term animation, it reminds us of all those cartoon shows and animes. Let’s get to know what animation actually is.

Animation desk

What is animation?

The concept of animation draws back to the times of the Palaeolithic Age. It was during this time that the concept of animation was first conceived. History has it that the palaeolithic paintings attempted to capture the phenomenon of motion. Now the question arises how did the painters attempt to do so? They showcased multiple legs in superimposed positions. This clearly showed the concept of motion. Speaking about the age-old example of animation, there was an earthen goblet which is 5200 years old in the Burnt City of Southeastern Iran. Interestingly, the goblet showcases multiple images of a Persian Desert Ibex which is jumping and striving to eat the leaves of a tree.  Probably, this painting is considered as the world’s first example of animation.

What is Animation Desk app?

Introduced on the Android and iOS platforms, the Animation Desk app gives way to an user-friendly and a splendid drawing environment which allows everyone to create their own animated works. It’s really easy to use this app. You just need to possess an inclination towards drawing and painting and that’s it. No need of any extra tool to add to it. This drawing app helps you to create images with the help of your fingers! You just need to sketch your imagination on the screen of  your smartphones and tablets.

Animation Desk

How to use the Animation Desk App?

Well, it seems that many of you are keen to use this app. That’s brilliant. Here, in this column, I would be presenting a step-by-step guide to the methods of using this application.

  • Your first step is to select a brush or an eraser.
  • In order to adjust the size of the brush or the eraser, you need to tap and slide in the upwards and downwards position.
  • Open the brush size adjustment bar by clicking on it. It would be a wise idea if you keep the brush size to 31.
  • Adjust the opacity of the brush by keeping it till 75.
  • Now, it’s time to choose the colours. You are advised to tap just once to choose your desired colours and twice to reach out to the colour palette.
  • Choose the colour of your canvas. Adjust the size of your canvas by pinching and set it correct.
  •  So the stage is set. It’s time to showcase your hidden artist to the entire world.

Animation Desk app: What makes it so appealing?

  • In order to use this application, there lies no necessity for you to be a hard-core painting professional. The app has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the amateurs. This animation app is open to anyone and everyone.
  • It’s a versatile application created on an user-friendly interface. The app boasts of not only an user-friendly interface but also of a gorgeous and realistic approach.
  • The animated images created gets a realistic look.
  • There are provisions for various types of painting tools with pressure sensitivity. Like, you can examine the pressure of the brush before fixing on it. The painting tools contain pencil, crayon, fountain pen and three types of  brushes and an eraser.
  • You can select your desired colour with the help of the colour selection pallets. The pallet contains a total of 100 colours of varied shades.
  • Adjust the size of the brush and the eraser by selecting the correct size for them.
  • Thinking of creating something interesting for your background? Well, the Animation Desk app give you the option of doing so. You can select your favourite picture that will serve the purpose of a static background.
  •  It boasts of supporting four types of frame rate which mainly ranges from 3FPS to 24 FPS.
  •  Don’t worry as your creation is in safe hands with the thumbnail mode. This particular mode manages your work by saving them in proper files.
  • The app has a wonderful frame manager. Copying, moving, deleting, and editing frames are a child’s task.

 The  Negativities:

There lie some hiccups in using this application. Well, not much but certain areas need a bit improvement. Let’s have a look:

Provision of only two frames- Although the Animation Desk app gives the provision to use four types of frames, but the free service gives access to only two frames. Making animation films with only a couple of frames proves to be too annoying. In order to avail to all the four types of frames, you need to shell out a few bucks.

Slow and unresponsive- At times the app gets slow and becomes unresponsive. The application starts drawing when you zoom in but once you complete your drawing and zoom out, you will get to see patches of colours all over your creation. Moreover, the lines appear in different colours than what it was earlier. Apart from these problems, the frames start getting backwards.

Doesn’t get exported to MP4- It’s really annoying to see that you can’t show off your work to friends and colleagues as the Animation Desk app doesn’t support AD files.

The Bottom Line: 

After penning down a detailed description of the Animation Desk app, it’s my realisation that the animation is a mixture of both positivities and negatives that give it a complete look. It’s true that it possess certain disadvantages which require quick improvement, but if you look at the other side of the coin, the positive features make it a hit in the world of animation. So, I suggest you get the app installed on your smartphones and unleash the artistic you. Create impeccably stunning business presentations and beautiful cards for your loved with the help of this app. Share your work on the social networking handles and get famous!